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2020 has turned out to be the most dangerous year of our life so far, but just as there is some good hidden in every evil, in the same way, in 2020, we have all …

Asur Ending Explained

2020 has turned out to be the most dangerous year of our life so far, but just as there is some good hidden in every evil, in the same way, in 2020, we have all come across a web series that has raised the level of Indian cinema very high. I am talking about the web series Asur. Which is not at all behind any international show in every sense. And has come out as the biggest weapon of the people to sit at home. When a little more than expected is returned, the heart becomes a garden of joy. Well, the same thing happened with Asura. Many people had made the mistake of taking it lightly, but after watching the show, praise comes from the heart.

Hey guys, Welcome to Here I am back With a special article for you, in which I will try to explain to you the whole story and ending of the Asur web series. And also answer the questions you have in your mind regarding the ending of Asur.

Asur Ending Explained
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Asur Web series Story:

To understand the story of Asur, you should understand the three main characters correctly…

The first is Dhananjay Rajput

aka DJ who works for the CBI and is a very big officer of the forensic department. In clear language, DJ handles all the forensic and technology works in the department. He is very intelligent and clever in his work, that is why DJ has a lot of respect in society. In big cases, he clearly made his decision and give punishment to the culprit in his own way.

The second character Nikhil Nayak

used to work for CBI in this era and used to be Dhananjay’s student but nowadays Sitting in America, away from India, doing a small teaching job. Nikhil believes in right and wrong and does not want to do injustice to any person even by mistake. Why not the thief in front gives them a full chance to improve him,

The third and most important character is the boy the name Shubh,

since childhood, the boy is called Asur in his house because his mind runs much faster than the rest. And from any angle, his actions are not at all ordinary humans. whether to read the entire book at just one glance or to stand beside God. Due to Shubh’s strange antics, gradually his father starts hating him. In return, he becomes a victim of another disease called autosome. In which a person separates himself from the rest of the world. { fresh}

The lives of these three become intertwined when suddenly on day 1 some strange murders start taking place, the right-hand index finger is cut off from the dead body and a strange mask is found next to the body.

The first victim of this serial murder is Dhananjay’s wife himself. Due to which Nikhil is called back to India after removing Dhananjay aka DJ from the case.

Nikhil starts searching for the hidden mastermind behind the murder. The story turns in such a way that the student stands up against the teacher and Nikhil sends DJ to jail on charges of murdering his wife.

But after sending DJ to jail, Nikhil meets the real killer. Who kidnaps Nikhil directly and takes him. Here comes the twist in the story when it comes to the fore behind all these murders that the Asura i.e. Shubh is doing all these murders in turn to take revenge on Dhananjay.

11 Years ago and The Present Date

Actually, 11 years ago Dhananjay goes to Varanasi in connection with the worship. Where he meets Shubh, who betrays the whole world and kills his own father with poison. And pretends to die by drowning in water. But DJ exposes him in front of everyone and tampering with some evidence proves his age to be more than 18 years. Because of which Shubh is put directly in jail instead of a correctional home.

The most shocking thing is Nikhil comes to know about this due to which he decides to quit the CBI job after getting angry with Dhananjay but in spite of this DJ completely ruin his life because of his ego.

Who is the real Asur

The biggest question in his mind is that who is the real Asura after all, the answer is a bit complicated, but it is not difficult at all, why not wash his hands behind all the models, but the revenge game is hidden behind it. It was started by Dhananjay himself who misused power.

Instead of giving a chance to improve a young boy by using it wrongly, he was trapped in hell, so as auspicious as punishment should be given.

Dhananjay will also have to be equally entitled to him, who has actually presented himself by making an impact in the story. The person who becomes a messiah for the world but ruins the lives of innocent people in his hidden pride.

The second important question is that what is the motive behind the murder, to understand the answer, you have to understand the mythology very deeply.

Asur Ending Explained

Referring to Kaliyuga, it has been said that such a moment will come, then all the good people will be corrupted and will fall after each other’s life, just to prove the truth, there is a hidden dockside inside every human being.

Wants to bring out, whose direct connection you can connect with three kidnappings in the last, who are forced to take each other’s lives in the third question.

In the end everyone wins or loses. This Asur thinking hidden inside the rest of the people. And here is described the madness of psycho killer.

The answer is everyone is Asur, because on one hand Nikhil sacrifices his own daughter to save the lives of three people, on the other hand Dhananjay gives proof of his humanity by putting his life at stake, which leads to Shubh’s plan.

Dhananjay fails and his demonic thinking proves to be wrong. The fourth question is going on in everyone’s mind is Rasul is the asur or is there someone else. Who has been kept hidden from our eyes till now.


It has confused everyone badly that Rasool and Dhananjay are connected in some way because there is a very funny eye contact between the two.

The chances of that are very less. If it does, then the idea of ​​making the whole series will fail.

As I told you, DJ is a demon, but good luck does not work for him. Both of them are opposite to each other. Both are friends and not enemies, now you must be thinking then.

The answer is simply what that makeup is trying to give a hint that season two of the show’s is coming.

This time Rasool and Dhananjay are going to start a mouse cat game. In which Nikhil is going to fail badly,.

ope you have got the answers to all the questions. If there is still any question left, then comment below and tell. Then, we will all solve your puzzle together.

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