Criminal justice Season 1 Once upon a Night Cast, story

Criminal Justice Season 1 Once Upon A Night Crime Mystery Drama2019Episodes: 10Rating (IMDb) -8.1TV SeriesCast :Vikrant Massey asAditya Sharma Pankaj Tripathi  asMadhav Mishra Rucha Inamdar  asAvni Sharma Parashar Jagat Rawat  asDiwakar Sharma Gaurav Dwivedi asGautam …

Criminal justice Season 1
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Criminal Justice Season 1 Once Upon A Night

Crime Mystery Drama
Episodes: 10
Rating (IMDb) -8.1
TV Series
Cast :
Vikrant Massey as
Aditya Sharma

Pankaj Tripathi  as
Madhav Mishra

Rucha Inamdar  as
Avni Sharma Parashar

Jagat Rawat  as
Diwakar Sharma

Gaurav Dwivedi as
Gautam Parashar

Anupriya Goenka as
Nikhat Hussain

Jackie Shroff as

Pankaj Saraswat  as
Raghu Salian

Annapurna Bhairi
as Sujata Sharma

Sanjay Gurbaxani
as Rustom Barucha / Sanaya’s Father

Criminal justice Season 1 Story

Sex, drugs, and gruesome murder. An edgy one-night stand develops into a nightmare for Aditya, when he awakens with blood on his hands. The proof is stacked versus him, yet he does not bear in mind the shocking criminal offense. Is he has done it or not?

The series revolves around Vikrant’s character Aditya who was arrested for murder. One evening in Mumbai, a lady employed his taxi as well as wound up having an one night stand intoxicated of drugs.

When he got up the lady was dead with a stab mark on her back and knife in Aditya’s hand. This resulted in him charged for murder and also being rejected of the boil. The remaining season is how he goes through the justice system of criminology also shows his innocence.

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Criminal justice Season 1 Episodes

Criminal justice Season 1 Episode 1 Once Upon A Night

Driving His Family members’s Taxicab For One Evening, Aditya meets A Young girl, Sanaya, And Also Wind Up Spending The Despite having Her. After A Night Of Sex As Well As Drugs, He Wakes Up To Locate Her Death But he Has No memory Of What Happened.

Criminal justice Season 1 Episode 2 House Under Arrest

At The End Of The Night, Aditya Remains In police custody. Madhav, A Small-Time Advocate Deals To Represent Him, Yet Stops working. To His Surprise, Mandira, A Big Fish In This whole Game Uses up Aditya’s Instance For the public good.

S01E03 The Price Of Life

Mandira Grapples With Aditya’s Amnesia Related To The Fateful Evening, Whereas, Madhav Discovers A New Lead In His Investigation. Meanwhile, In Jail, Mustafa Makes An Unexpected Need From Aditya.

S01 E04 The Trial

Mustafa Takes Aditya Under His Wing And Also Offers Him An Uncommon Welcome Present. At The Test, Madhav Realises That A Hill Of Evidence Is Piled Against Aditya.

S01 E05 Beginning of the End

The Tension In Between Mustafa As Well As Layak Heats Up. At The Same Time, Aditya Considers The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Begging Guilty As Jimmy D’Souza Makes A Stunning Discovery In Court.

S01E06 Judgement Day

While Aditya Takes On An Overwhelming Job To Quell Mustafa, Nikhat Risks Her Occupation To Free Him. Will She Prove His Virtue?

S01E07 A New Bond

Aditya’s Bond With Mustafa Deepens But His Household Starts To Crumble. At The Same Time, Madhav Finds A Dangerous Lead, Providing The Situation A Brand-new Direction.

S01E08 The Going Gets Hard

With The Access Of A New Rival, Aditya And Mustafa End Up In Solitary Confinement. At the same time, Madhav And Also Nikhat Locate A Formerly Unnoticed Idea.

S01E09 A New Kingpin

A Ruthless Fight Sends Out Aditya To The Hospital, Where He Satisfies Mustafa. Raghu Aids Madhav And Also Nikhat, As Well As Together They Open A Brand-new Can Of Worms.

S01E10 The Mystery

Aditya Drugs In Jail, But That Does Not Complement Layak. Raghu Generates A Search Warrant Versus The New Suspect. Pushed Into A Corner, Aditya Program His Final Retribution.

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