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Table of Contents Summer of 92 (Laughter)Guitar combi mele nindru (love)Peace (peace)Project Fire (Surprise)ConclusionNavarasa Official Trailer Summer of 92 (Laughter) ‘Summer of ’92 or laughter is the sixth part of Navarsa. The summer of ’92 …


Summer of 92 (Laughter)

‘Summer of ’92 or laughter is the sixth part of Navarsa. The summer of ’92 is directed by Priyadarshan. The star actors of this segment are Yogi Babu, Remya Nambisan, Nedumudi Venu and Manikuttan.

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Guitar combi mele nindru (love)

The guitar combi mele nindru or love is the title of the seventh volume of Navarsa. Gautam Menon has directed this seventh volume. Star actors include Surya and Prayag Martin. This episode is 45 minutes long at most.

Peace (peace)

The name of this eighth part of Navarsa is Shanti. Kartik Subbaraj has directed this part of Navarasa. Notable among the star actors are Atharva, Anjali as well as Kishore.

Project Fire (Surprise)

This ninth part of Navarsa directed by Kartik Naren. The name of this part is Project Agni or Wonder. Star actors include Vicky, Bobby Simha .


In short, Different people has given direction different parts of this Tamil anthology film. The co-producer of this flim are Mani Ratnam and Jayendra.

Has worked to raise funds for social reasons and during the covid-19 pandemic epidemic.

They planned to help the daily wage workers, they decided to work on a project based on Indian aesthetics and human passion.

It seemed to be an opportunity to make enough money to do this great work.

Nabarasa was supposed to be released on July 9, 2021. But for Kavid 19 and the film is set to release in August 2021.

Navarasa Official Trailer

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