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Raktanchal Web Series Review Story Cast Official Trailer

Raktanchal Web Series Summary   

 The story of how a normal boy becomes a criminal unnecessarily is shown. Apart from the story, director Ritam has been successful in the matter that watching this web series Raktanchal gives you a feeling of Purvanchal.

You think of ghats, sand contracts and sometimes the language is exactly the same. The story seems to be going on around Banaras, Ghazipur and Jaunpur.

Raktanchal Web Series Story

The story of the show is from Uttar Pradesh. The story starts from 1984. Vijay Singh (Kranti Prakash Jha) wants to become a collector. But his father gets murdered because of Wasim Khan gangster (Niketan).

After this, the old Hindi cinema’s worn-out formula gets changed. Vijay, who burns in the fire of revenge, quits his studies and becomes a gangster and becomes a challenge for Wasim Khan. Who would want to watch such a story in today’s era?

Vijay Singh becomes as powerful as Wasim Khan and then there’s tons of bloodshed then the story ends. In an age where viewers on the web now have the option to switch channels immediately, why watch a show that looks like a cheap 80s and 90s movie, from making to treatment.

Along with the directors, the fault lies entirely with its selectors. So many great films and projects are not getting opportunities, in such a situation why such mobile things are being served. There is a lot of time due to the lockdown but it would not be wise to waste it in this web show.

Raktanchal Web Series Cast 

Real NameRoll Play Name
Nikitin Dheerwaseem Khan
Kranti Prakash JhaVijay Singh
Soundarya SharmaRoli
Ronjini ChakrabortySeema
Chittaranjan TripathyBechan
Pramod PathakTripurari
Vikram KochharSanki Pandey
Krishna BishtKatta
Basu SoniChhunnu
Rajesh DubeaySadhu Maharaj
Kenisha AwasthiBindu
Shashi ChaturvedBilal
Pravina Bhagwat DeshpandeSudha , (Vijay’s Mother )
Gyan PrakashVirendra Singh ( Vijay’s Father )
Ravi KhanvilkarPujari Singh
Prachi Prakash KurneBadki
Farah MalikFazila
Daya Shankar PandeySahib Singh
Bhupesh SinghIrshad
Sushil Kr. SrivastavHifazat

Raktanchal Web Series Review

The most important thing is its story. The story of how a traditional boy becomes a criminal unnecessarily is shown. Like shown in Zee-5 series ‘Rangbaaz’ and ‘Rangbaaz Phir Se’. aside from the story, director Ritam has been successful within the matter that watching the online series gives you a sense of Purvanchal.

you think that of ghats, sand contracts and sometimes the language is strictly an equivalent . The story seems to be happening around Banaras, Ghazipur and Jaunpur.

Actor Kranti Prakash Jha played the character of Vijay Singh. His movements and appears are very almost like Bahubali of that point . His acting also looks fine, but the oh wow moment doesn’t come anywhere.

The acting of Vikram Kochhar, Pramod Pathak and Chittaranjan Tripathi, who appeared in small roles, made it worth watching. Especially within the role of Shanki Pandey, you would like to ascertain Vikram again and again.

Raktanchal Web Series Episodes

Episode 1 (The Bad Blood)

Waseem Khan is one of the most distressing name in the city of Varanasi unless Vijay Singh appears. Exactly how did once an innocent, family man end up being the most dreaded put on? All is lost for him when points take a fierce turn at Vijay Singh’s sister’s wedding celebration. With nothing more to lose, all Vijay Singh needs to obtain is cold vengeance.

Episode 2

With political battles of political elections comes the underworld fights of hooligans backed by the political leaders. A cruel Vijay Singh is out for making points even with Waseem Khan. While Waseem Khan is backed by the ruling party of Pujari Singh, Vijay Singh has resistance and power-thirsty, Sahib Singh, on his side. As affection and also political systems obtain involved, points get actually fierce, really soon. Who is to shed this time? Will the body politic battle take a hideous turn?

Episode 3

Elections are in full speed and so it is the most popular crime in the cities of Uttar Pradesh. The religious divide, booth rigging, vote bank politics, purchasing votes and all the other illegal, harassing activities are done during the election process. The election result is a very close call and Sahib Singh assumes the final lead in the intense vote war. However, things take a u-turn when Vijay Singh leaves Ghazipur. Where did Vijay Singh go? Why did he leave Pujari?

Episode 4

a Don it is said to be just as strong as his gang members. Vijay Singh sees the right moment and removes a crucial member of the Wasereem Khan gang, which is also his right hand. Vijay Singh is now close to his revenge. WASEEM KHAN, however, will have to go on foot. Vijay Singh is getting closer to him. After loosing one of his best man, he hires Sanki Pandey, a manic man who will save the company.

Episode 5

Sanky Pandey, The new member of the Waseem Khan gang, is behind Vijay Singh and will not rest before he is successful in his mission. Vijay is in the center of an attack on the Bootcamp. To his surprise, an unlikely couple is to help him. Love blooms when the couple saves his life. Who are these people? Does it know PENAY SINGH?

Episode 6

If there is one thing that Sanki Pandey cannot resist, they are lusty desires. Vijay Singh knows this weakness and puts a honey drop for Sanki Pandey. But while releasing his guards, the alcohol sold by Vijay Singh leads to the death of different people in the city. Is this a fall? Is Vijay Singh now on the public radar?

Episode 7

The attacks on Vijay Singh don’t seem to stop. Vijay Singh and his gang are standing on the radar. He then decides to eliminate the route from all evil. A distressed Vijay Singh is now looking to kill Pujari Singh during a public meeting. Will this be the end of Wasemems story? Will Vijay Singh can escape easily?

Episode 8

An influential and powerful politician, Baba, comes in the story. He does an exotic range of Vijay Singh and Waseem Khan. The offer is so good that they both cannot refuse. On the other hand, Seems is exposed and Vijay Singh’s cover is revealed as he tries to make a plan of Sanki Pandey’s murder.

Episode 9

The plans of WASEEM KHAN are in force and Vijay Singh becomes the bad guy in public interest. Seema meets Sanki Pandey and their encounter ends brutally as Vijay Singh is attacked and falls into the river. Is it the end of Vijay Singh’s life? Will he be able to take revenge?

Raktanchal Web Series Details

Series Name Raktanchal
Genre Action, Crime
Language Hindi
Platform MX Player
Release Date 28th May,2020
Director Ritam Srivastav
Star Cast Kenisha Awasthi as
Bindu ,Kranti Prakash Jha as
Vijay Singh,Soundarya Sharma as

Raktanchal Web Series Official Trailer

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