State of Siege: Temple Attack movie reviews, story,cast,trailer

State of Siege: Temple Attack Movie Summary State of Siege: Temple Attack Movie Review in Hindi- The actor Mridul Das of Criterion Life will soon be seen playing the role of a terrorist in the …

State of Siege: Temple Attack Movie reviews
State of Siege: Temple Attack movie reviews, story,cast, trailer
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State of Siege: Temple Attack Movie Summary

State of Siege: Temple Attack Movie Review in Hindi- The actor Mridul Das of Criterion Life will soon be seen playing the role of a terrorist in the Temple Attack of Zee 5.

Actor will be seen in a negative role in the film for the first time. In an interview given to Aaj Tak, he said that the end of the criterion life has worked for him because he got the opportunity to play one of the best characters of his life. State of the Caes: Mridul Das Kasawati, who was playing a strong role of a terrorist in the Temple attack, is excited about her new innings after the end of life. Actor said, “If the criterion does not end the life of life, then maybe I was still doing the show.

Mridul Das has played the role of Farooq, which is one of the four terrorists who attacked the Akshardham temple of Gujarat. Talking about his role, the actor said, “There are four terrorists in the film who attack the temple. I play the role of their leader. His name is Farooq.

Which is a Pakistani. He was a good student, but his brainwash was done. Now, he walks. On the path of jihad and not afraid of death. She likes violence and receives joy by giving pain to her enemies. When you see the movie, you will start hating the character.
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In this era of High-Pitch Action Flick, we have lost the real essence of ‘real dramatic actors’. While the increase in the stories of the one-man army was seen, the stories of live rescue missions were missing.

Reviving the same, Zee5 is back with a new original movie, ‘State of Siege: Temple Attack’. Although the rescue campaign in the State of Ca is inspired by the terrorist attack of 2002,

But it also provides a great insight into the life of the NSG commando. State of the Caes: The trailer of the Temple Attack is well full of choreographed action scenes. And this first glimpse has created an excitement wave between the fans.

As can be seen in the trailer, terrorists enter a temple by making a mortgage to pilgrims. After this, the NSG commandos fight this rescue campaign while fighting teeth and nails against the terrorists. In addition, this film made on the NSG commando will coordinate with sufficient drama and well-prepared action scenes.

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State of Siege Temple Attack Movie Review-

Near About 19 years ago, Ahmedabad, with the rest of the country, a terrorist attacked, in which about 30 people got lost and more than 80 people were injured. After the Gujarat riots in 2002, the attack on the temple on September 24 was shocked by the temple on September 24.

In exchange for the release of a member of his gang, Bilal Naiku (Mir Sarwar), a group of four terrorists attacked Krishna Dham Temple (renamed from Aksharadham Temple). In this well-planned attack, the terrorists attacked the temple, which was monitored from Pakistan, in which many innocent people were killed and some of them were mortgaged. With Ahmedabad Police, National Security Guard (NSG) took charge of the situation.

Inspired by many real-life stories, ‘State of Siege: Temple Attack’ celebrates men’s heroism in uniform. What happened during the film operation and how the NSG succeeded in saving the lives of many people,

It tries to provide detailed details. Director Ken Ghosh has taken some creative freedom to show the unfortunate events of that historic day in his fictional drama.

But thanks to its simple writing (by William Bortudic and Simon Fantuzo), it does not distract from what really happened in the past. The script is layered and accurate which does not make terrorist attacks more dramatic. It mainly focuses on them without painted the characters as the protagonist, even if they are similar in real life.

Overall, this drama will definitely give you the memory of all the films and shows based on terrorist attacks, but the special thing of the film is that it is NSG commando, worshipers, politicians, affected families and inside.

Shardrags of Tejal Pramod Shetty enhanced the tone of the story, especially the scenes of Manali, who are chanting the scenes in the picturesque places. Even the action-rich scenes between NSG commandos and terrorists have been well-choreographed by Mindhar Verma and Rinku Bachchan.

The film starts with Captain Bibek (Akshay Oberoi) and other NSG commandos, Major Hanut Singh (Akshay Khanna), which executes an operation to save a special mortgage from the terrorist. During the mission, some soldiers including Hanut are injured and Captain Bibek is killed. As a result of this incident, is suffering from Hannut Post-Tromatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

However, when the duty has to face, then the person should put his weak side aside and should pay attention to being physically strong and ready for the next operation. With Captain Rohit Bagga (Vivek Dahiya), Hanut has been listed to assume the command of the temple attack campaign.

On one hand, the ‘State of Siege: Temple Attack’ emphasizes how the commando should decide on the basis of its decision while following the protocol, it is challenging. Also, it is sensitive to how the young mind is molded to believe in a special ideology, the hopes and dreams of obtaining martyrdom for their religion.

All artists give satisfactory performance, exactly what they are required. Parveen Dabas has played the role of NSG’s commanding officer Colonel Nagar, who has done justice with his role. Major Hanut Singh, starring by Akshay Khanna, including Gautam Roads in the form of captain Rohit Bagga, Vivek Dahiya and Major Samar Chauhan,

Arrives Ahmedabad to take care of terrorist attack. In the past, the audience has seen Khanna in uniform in films such as ‘Border’, ‘LOC Karagil’ and his illustration of Hanut Singh is not extraordinary. In the uniform, these actors are not seen in any top war situation, thus make their depiction of an army officer more realistic.

As a special appearance, Sameer Soni and Captain Bibek are influential roles in the form of CM Chokasi. All the artists of terrorist gang – His leader Abhimanyu Singh Abu Hamza, his right hand Bilal Naiku (starring by Mir Sarwar), and other four terrorists (Ashchir Singh as Iqbal, Dhanvir Singh, Farooq as Hanif In Mridul Das and Umar, Mihir Ahuja) – There is a good catch at the local Pakistani-Punjabi accent.

State of Siege: Temple Attack Movie Trailer

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